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National Survey in Arab Republic of Egypt

Research Team
Members of the Working Group
Hiroyuki Aoyama (Associate Professor, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Shingo Hamanaka (Associate Professor, Yamagata University)
Takeji Ino (Professor, Wayo Women’s University)
Erina Iwasaki (Lecturer, Kyoritsu Women’s University)
Hiroshi Kato (Professor, Hitotsubashi University)
Yasumasa Kuroda (Professor Emeritus, University of Hawaii at Manoa)
Emi Suzuki (Associate Professor, Waseda University)
Yutaka Takaoka (Researcher, Sophia University)
Hiroshi Tomita (Professor, Keio University)

Collaborating Research Institute and Collaborating Research Project

The Egyptian Research & Training Center (Cairo, Egypt)
Dr. Abdelhamid Latif (head of ERTC)

"Relation between Political Changes and Stereotypes in the Middle East" (MEXT-Sponsored Research Project "Promotion Project for Improvement of Collaborative Center of Excellence in Human Studies and Social Science")

"Civic Awareness in Egypt: Implementation of a Poll Survey and its Analysis", Keio Gijyuku Academic Development Funds (Joint Research Project)

Progress and Outcomes of the Research Project
January 2008 – September 2008 Questionnaire construction
March 2008 Conclusion of the contract with ERTC
October 3rd – 15th 2008 Interview training
October 16th – 20th 2008 Questionnaire printing
October 21st – November 23rd 2008 Interviewing
October 25th – November 27th 2008 Questionnaire verification
October 25th – November 27th 2008 Data entry
December 2008 – March 2009 Data cleaning
Population and sample:
The population: Egyptian adults of 18 years and above
The sample: multi-state probability sample of 1000

Questionnaire (Arabic version)
Report (Arabic version)
Research Report Series No.8
Administration Office (ed.), "Egypt Survey in 2008"

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